'GeoGO' is a collaboration between myself and Earth Science masters student, Greig Boulstridge. Greig wrote the manuscript and worked with me along the process of creating this book to help me create compelling and informative illustrations. The book covers topics such as volcanoes, the cryosphere, island formation, and global warming. My goal was to disrupt the current offerings of children's books about earth science and create a book that was playful and approachable, to capture the imagination of children and help them better understand the world around them.
Storyboard & Development
Final Pages 
I fully illustrated 4 double page spreads for this book, using gouache and coloured pencil, with digital drawing for some details. 
All Pages
The book was finished to a pitch level, so all pages were drawn out, but only 5 double page spreads, including the cover, were fully developed. 

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