Real Change is a remarkable organisation that consistently empowers and amplifies the voices of unhoused individuals by publishing a weekly newspaper and utilising low-income unhoused individuals to sell the paper and gain income. I have been a volunteer with them since 2022 and creating illustrations for them is one of the most rewarding things I do. 
October 19, 2022
I was tasked with creating the cover art for Real Change News' October 19th issue, focusing on the recent victories of the Mariners baseball team. My design showcased the energy and excitement of the team's success, incorporating dynamic illustration to grab readers' attention. Through careful consideration of the publication's audience and the subject matter, I created a visually striking cover that not only captured the spirit of the Mariners' wins but also highlighted my skills as a graphic designer.
Vendors selling the paper in the Seattle area.
Vendors selling the paper in the Seattle area.
October 25, 2023
In this edition, the cover story sheds light on the challenging journey of a beloved bakery, navigating displacement amidst the ongoing gentrification of their neighbourhood. I collaborated with the Art Director to create a piece which reflected these themes, with a beautiful cake being carelessly cut into unsightly sections, echoing how gentrification can radically change the landscapes of established communities and leave them irreversibly altered. This was a 4-day assignment and could contain no K-values in any of the colors used.

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