For my cummulative project in Illustration 3B: Anthology, I collaborated with a local musician to create a cohesive identity and release their first ever album: Gegenpress. This involved creating merchandise, an album cover, a Bandcamp page, and three music videos. 
The three posters I made for Snowball Earth capture the rough and rugged feel of the music, as well as the themes explored in the album; coming of age, themes of feeling uneasy in your own skin, feeling incomplete, feeling alone and feeling unworthy. The posters were riso printed and released on the band's Bandcamp page as merchandise.
Album and Song Covers
When creating the covers for both the album and each song, I used a modular approach. Each song has a symbol that relates to the themes discussed in that song, and this icon is used in the cover and in the music video. I worked with the musician to come up with colours evocative of the mood of the music. 

Bandcamp Design 
I wanted to create a portal to a new world with the and's Bandcamp page; somewhere where listeners can be taken to Snowball Earth and immersed in the lore and imagery of the album. 
Lyric Videos
To celebrate the release of the album, I created three lyric videos for the band's most iconic songs. They incorporate dynamic text, animation and a custom font developed out of the lead musician's handwriting to give a personal touch.

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